Wind©ow®s™ login pictures

a/s/l???    angry guy    more stubborn than angry

bone-itis    boxer    crazy monkey    cupid

dad    jimmy dean, maybe? anyone? buelher? buelher? is that spelling right? anyone? buehler? buelher?    aww    that cookie pizza is awful

dr evil    emo much, buddy? or babe?    an englishman, not dana carvey    entrance only, no entrance

not a sad clown, or a spooky clown... the kind of clown that just annoys you    green apples...fetch the sears catalog, maw    visualize a tongue kiss    hezbo

san francisco is a special place    aww    if cats were Jedi masters    Monty Hall

any ribs left?    1950's mad magazine    eww    praying mantis

advice from master yoda    morans!    muscleman    violators will be violated

old school look of surprise    palm trees    motel swimming pool    you say po-TAY-to,  I say.....

the's best friend....grow yer food and be yer whippin' boy? shore thang, america!    safety    clipper ship    vegans, take heed

sparta    the state flower of kansas    tropical sunset    up your hippie

vulcan    yellowbeard   

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